Saturday 16 December 2017

Tubridy in a sweat over tonsil operation

LATE Late Show host Ryan Tubridy could be silenced for weeks. He is thinking of having his tonsils out.

The 37-year-old 2FM radio and television presenter says he is struck down for at least three days a year with inflamed tonsils and he's thinking of having them whipped out.

In a wheezy voice he told his radio audience that he was "slightly congested today, but not in a Cowenian way, only because I went to the doctor yesterday and guess what she told me?

"She said you are just on the cusp of getting a bad tonsil thing."

He explained: "You know the way you are meant to get your tonsils out when you are a kid, well I didn't."

The presenter is now considering the operation, but says the thought of going under the knife makes anxious.

"Apparently it is very sore as you get older. If I did get them out the doctor said they would have to take me in for two weeks in the summer. That might be my summer holidays this year -- oh the joy!"

Adults have a far slower recovery time than children after a tonsil operation and recuperation can take between two and six weeks.

"I'm 37 -- 38 in May. The doctor said 'because you're nearly 40 years of age getting your tonsils out is not a great idea. We'd have to take you out for two weeks.

"Now a lot of people would like to take me out," he joked.

The newly single Tubridy told listeners how he was sick every year when his tonsils flare up and it leaves him "completely shot down with it, inflamed, and I can't talk or eat with it".

His admission prompted a stream of texts from listeners with their own horror stories about the painful operation.

One female listener from Galway warned: "It's the worst pain ever, giving birth was not as bad."

Another added: "I couldn't eat for a week -- getting your tonsils out as an adult is horrible".


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