Monday 20 November 2017

The Voice rejects X Factor fix claims

PRODUCERS of The Voice, hosted by Kathryn Thomas, left, have rejected claims that former X Factor contestants were "hunted down" for the show.

One ex-X Factor contestant tried out for the RTE programme, but was unsuccessful in getting through to the next round.

The individual said they were contacted by representatives from The Voice of Ireland and asked to participate in the auditioning process, but felt let down after they failed to go any further.

A total of 800 people made it through for the auditions in The Helix after they had seen a musical director.

"All Irish ex-X Factor contestants were hunted down for the show, myself included and led up the garden path a little bit," the source said.

"Very successful musicians and performers that are making a living on the Irish gig scene were specially asked to do it. And every single one of us didn't get through -- hilarious."


But producer of The Voice of Ireland Lynda McQuaid said that there was a reason behind bringing in a person to identify potential talent. "Part of the format of the show is that we are supposed to hire a musical associate or 'scout'. We hired Greg French, from the band All The Beautiful Things."

"It is particularly used to go and attract people from the music industry who may be out of contract.

"It is simply to get people who would not normally apply to the talent show to come on board. The whole ethos of the show is that there is no humiliation whatsoever.

"Ex-X Factor contestants have auditioned but that was by virtue of them being in the industry."


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