Monday 20 November 2017

The IFTA is like a local swimming plaque to me - Tudors star Sarah

SOME aspiring actors would give their eye-teeth for one - but winning an IFTA's no big deal for our Sarah Bolger.

In fact, the Dublin actress likened the local gong to "a swimming plaque" compared to international awards.

Bolger landed an Irish Film and Television Award for her part in the 2009 movie Spiderwick -- but doesn't appear to be in a hurry to collect a second.

"I do love my IFTA and I like going to the event itself and catching up with everyone. In terms of having an award on my mantelpiece I'm like 'Yeah it's at home in Dublin'.

"It's like a swimming plaque, like 'Yeah, I did a good job'," she said.

Despite her tender years, Sarah (20) has an impressive list of roles under her belt since becoming a child star in Jim Sheridan's In America.

And her work has seen her mingle with some of Hollywood's biggest names, including Golden Globe-winning actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, pictured right, who she starred with in hit TV series The Tudors. She was quick todefend her co-star, recently convicted of threatening to kill three police officers while acting in an "extremely aggressive" manner during a drunken rampage at a French airport.

"Everyone has their demons and he's no different," she said.

"He's a wonderful human being. He couldn't be nicer and he couldn't be more professional."

Sarah, who played his daughter Princess Mary in the historical series, said that grappling with inner turmoil sometimes came with the acting territory.


The actress has been back in Dublin for the past two weeks catching up with her family and friends after making no less than five movies over the past year.

This week she was helping to launch Netflix in Ireland, having just finished filming a comic book adaptation written by Stephen King's son Joe Hill called Locke & Key.

And the lucky girl also got to work with X Men hunk Lucas Till in a new movie called Crush which saw her playing a more fun role than her usual serious characters.

She even dyed her hair blonde to help her get into the ditzy character and told how her "mum had a heart attack when she saw the highlights in my hair."

"It's so much fun to play something light. It's a thriller but her character is smiley and fun. She's just cute and it's fun to play.

"Lucas is absolutely beautiful and I think his 22 million Twitter followers would agree. We couldn't walk the streets without people lusting after him, whether they knew him or not and they were like 'who's the pale girl with him?'"

But despite getting to work with some of the most gorgeous actors in the business, Sarah is still single.

"I work with the most beautiful people but you're not attracted to them on the set because you're with them on the set for 14 hours and you're both freezing and tired," she said

"Filming is fun but don't think it leaves much scope for romance."


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