Saturday 20 July 2019

The female body-beautiful myth laid bare

Mischa Barton's fall from grace shows all that is wrong with the celeb culture, says Niamh Hopkins

Actress Mischa Barton is the latest celeb to succumb to the pressures of being young, rich and famous. Having just been released from a psychiatric ward in Los Angeles, blaming stress on her ill-health, it is rumoured that contributing to her downward spiral are the unflattering pictures that emerged of her last year, splashed across the papers, in a bikini complete with cellulite.


It's depressing to think that an otherwise beautiful woman can be condemned for a few dimples on her skin, particularly when it is something that 95pc of women are reported to suffer with.

It's difficult for women to find a balance between skinny and curvy, as well as simultaneously maintaining immaculate grooming and juggling all that with working and living.

When celebs are lambasted for appearing human they are deemed bad role models -- tumbling out of a nightclub bleary eyed or sporting a spot of cellulite on the beach is not uncommon for most young women, but when celebs appear slightly dishevelled and un-airbrushed, media frenzy ensues.

Barton was universally sniggered at for baring her slim figure in a bikini, inciting an outcry that she should be locked up and tortured with celery until her orange peel diminished.

Cellulite, however, is not that easy to get rid of. Good diet and exercise doesn't guarantee its removal, and it affects women of all shapes and sizes.

With women's bodies designed for birth and breastfeeding, our fat deposits are distributed differently to men's, allowing for an accumulation of toxins resulting in cellulite formation under the soft skin around the bum, stomach and thighs.


Numerous pills and potions promise -- magically -- to reduce it but there is no miracle cure and it is not something women should be berating themselves for.

With our celeb-obsessed culture already fuelling the trend for young women to feel inadequate about their bodies, we don't need to add cellulite to the growing list of insecurities.

It's time we accepted ourselves as wrinkled and dimpled: no man has been known to run from a bedroom because of a pimpled thigh!

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