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The famous faces who dare to bare stars with out make-up

Photos of celebrities without make-up can bring out a mean streak in us as we like nothing more than seeing a beautiful looking woman minus her armour. But when Holly Willoughby recently tweeted a photo of herself first thing in the morning and without any war paint on, it kind of took the sting out of our bitching -- the British TV presenter looks pretty as a peach, even without make-up.

Truth is, most celebrities look alright without the slap. There looks are partly why they had the self-belief to launch themselves into celebrity land in the first place.

So even when super tired, they're blessed with the kind of bone structure and bright eyes which transform into star quality with the slightest stroke of a blush brush or wave of a mascara wand.

With the full works, they command the attention of cameras and make it on to the covers of celebrity magazines.

In fact, it's hard to take pot shots at some of our most popular celebrities without make-up, as our photographs just go to show.