Wednesday 24 April 2019

The biggest shock of 2008 as hell-raising Baz vows to give up booze in 2009 (for a while, at least...)

RTE's wacky presenter Baz Ashmawy may be renowned for his hell-raising ways around Dublin's nightclubs.

But those days could well be behind him. Baz has revealed to the Herald that he's actually looking forward to laying off alcohol.

The fun-loving soul has admitted that one of his New Year's resolutions is to steer away from booze for a while.

"I could do with the break to be honest. Having an alcoholic-free New Year wouldn't bother me in the least as there has just been so many parties on lately. It's just been one event after another," he admitted.

And he insisted that he was committed to following through on his resolution.


The presenter jetted off with girlfriend Tanya to spend some of the Christmas season with friends in London, before making their way onwards to Egypt to spend time with Baz's sister, Mahy.

"We just want to go somewhere nice and sunny. I've been there for New Year's before but it's just funny because no one drinks so someone hands you a strawberry milkshake for the countdown instead, which is kind of different!"

And the How Low Can You Go star revealed how things are now going swimmingly with his long-term girlfriend Tanya Evans.

He explained how he had been friends with the brunette beauty for years before they got together, but they're both smitten now.

"It's going really well, couldn't be better," he added.

In between all his partying though, he has also been putting the finishing touches to his forthcoming show Baz's Culture Clash.

His new RTE programme will be his first foray onto the small screen without his usual travelling cohorts, Mick and Mark.

Baz has spent the past couple of months travelling to Britain and the US to film the new series, which sees him hanging out with some weird and wacky characters.

He also spent time filming in Ireland after spending time with a group of Meath witches and going to a haunted house with the Leinster Paranormal Group.

He explained: "We have three or four episodes in the can now so we have three to do and then that's them all. I think it's going to go out sometime in March, so I'm hoping to take some time off after that and head somewhere like south-east Asia to chill out."

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