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The big-time? Forget it, says singer Michele

Singing model Michele McGrath may have found her voice again -- but she no longer yearns for the big-time.

Michele (26) has entered the studios for the first time after the break-up of her band Industry three years ago.

And while Michele -- now the hostess at Buck's Townhouse -- is happy to be back from the wilderness, she says her decision to record again was more for herself than any sort of musical comeback.

"Singing is one of my first loves, but I lost my confidence when I split up with my group and I didn't continue with it," Michele told the Herald.

"I'm literally going back to sing now for my own sake and for my own love of it -- I find it therapeutic," she added.

The model and ex-panto star recently recorded a new track with some pals, which will be uploaded to her social media sites.


"My friends had been badgering me for the last three years and said 'please sing again' so we just went into the studio yesterday." But while Michele is flattered by the feedback, chart-topping success is no longer on her list of priorities after the Industry split in 2009.As well as working at Buck's Townhouse at nights, Michele has continued working as a model with Assets.

The striking brunette, who has been linked to Dublin football star Bernard Brogan, is still single following her split from Welsh rugby star Mark Siddons last February.

She is now looking forward to a trip to the US with her model pal Hayley Ryan.

"I've never been before so I'm just going to travel around with my friends and check out places."