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That's nice! Mrs Brown movie planned

A fourth series of Mrs Brown has been shelved as creator Brendan O'Carroll concentrates on developing a movie of the show.

The show stars Dubliner Brendan as fruit and vegetable stall worker Mrs Brown and tells the story of her life.

Brendan's wife, Jennifer Gibney, plays Mrs Brown's daughter, Cathy; while his daughter Fiona plays daughter-in-law Maria, and his son Danny plays dim-witted Buster. Brendan credits the success of the series to the parochialism and says the film will stay grounded in inner city Dublin.

Despite a movie in the pipeline and the show's success, friends of the 57-year-old say he is considering following in the footsteps of Father Ted and Fawlty Towers by keeping the show's run short and sweet.

However, he is committed to making a Mrs Brown Christmas special each year until 2015.

Nearly a million (872,000) viewers tuned into the Mrs Brown's Boys: The Virgin Mammy on RTE on Christmas night, with 851,000 tuning in the night before for the Christmas Eve special: Mrs Brown's Boys -- Mammy Christmas.

The BAFTA-winning series is even more popular in the UK where 8.78m tuned into the BBC on Christmas Eve and 8.97m on St Stephen's Day.


As well as shooting the €4.5m movie, which is currently under the working title Mrs Brown: De Filum, in August, Brendan begins a tour of UK arenas in March. Mrs Brown will also tour Australia in 2014 and is predicted to be a smash hit.

The star returns from his Florida holiday home tomorrow and will be presenting with an award at the UK's National TV Awards. Mrs Brown's Boys is nominated in the Best Sitcom category.

Brendan left school at 12 and worked as a waiter, disco manager, milkman, publican and pirate radio DJ before stumbling into comedy.

The dad-of-three created the foul-mouthed matriarch in 1992 for an RTE series on 2fm before using her in a series of live shows. Mrs Brown only became a hit when RTE and BBC jointly commissioned the sitcom that began screening in 2011.