Sunday 20 January 2019

Tears of a clown as Jenny Lee helps Des deal with dad's death

Top model Jenny Lee Masterson has been helping comedian Des Bishop cope with his father's death.

The Irish-American funnyman has been dating the Assets beauty (27) recently and she flew over to New York so she could comfort him when his father was laid to rest.

The celebrity couple, who have been keeping a low profile, came back to Ireland so Des (35) could return to his tour tonight.

"They're both very private and certainly haven't been broadcasting their relationship," a source revealed. But it must be pretty solid for her to accompany him to the funeral."

Des's father Michael (74) died on February 4 in his home from lung cancer -- he had been coping with the illness for over a year.

Des thanked his many friends and fans for their support. "Thanks for all the lovely messages. Mixed emotions, but he could not have gone out with more of a bang. You guys all helped with that! I am grateful," he wrote.

While Michael was originally from Midleton, in east Cork, he lived in the US, where Des grew up. The pair had a close relationship and Des dedicated an entire show to the experience of finding out that his father had cancer. He called it My Dad Was Nearly James Bond.

"Before I was born, my father had another life," Des said. "As a boy I thought it was the coolest thing ever that my father was a model and appeared as a blind pilot in Day Of The Triffids and had one line in Zulu. His biggest claim was that he was very close to getting the role of James Bond.

"But in all the scrapes, Bond got through, he never had to raise a family and there is no gadget that Q could ever have created to help with that." Des, who performs in Galway tonight, said the show helped him deal the process of grieving.


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