Tuesday 12 December 2017

Tara Lee: I wanted to kiss Andre 3000...instead I was just a try-hard flirt

SHE starred as sassy waitress Emma Kelly in RTE drama Raw.

But actress Tara Lee says the heat of the kitchen was nothing compared to sharing the screen with Andre 3000.

The 19-year-old actress has a rather risque role in the Jimi Hendrix biopic All Is By My Side.

"I play a groupie," she laughed.

"A random groupie who wants to get with Jimi. So it was something very different but it was a lot of fun."

Despite playing an eager backstage fan, Tara says she didn't get the chance to lock lips with Andre 3000.

"I wish I could have kissed him!" she told the Diary.


"I think Andre 3000 is pretty much the coolest guy on the planet so a kiss would have been amazing. But that didn't happen. Instead I was just a try-hard flirt. Jimi wasn't too impressed – unfortunately."

Singer Tara is known for her grungy sense of style and loved getting decked out in 70s clobber.

"It's set in England in the 70s so I got to wear these amazing clothes. The wardrobe department was amazing.

"I had a 70s style jumpsuit and then white platform shoes.

"They had a bit of trouble covering my shaved head but it looked great in the end," she added. "I felt very Ziggy Stardust.

"It was just one day so it was a bit fleeting but it was amazing."

The film is currently doing the festival circuit and Tara says she is nervous what people will think when they see her on screen.

"I'm not worried about the groupie thing but I am nervous because it's set in England and I had to do an English accent."

Tara is an avid music fan and used to front pop band Juliet's Revenge.

She says while she loves to act she is now focusing on developing her sound.

"I still want to act and love working on TV series and films. I have gone to a couple of auditions but nothing has really caught my eye yet.

"At the moment I'm just getting lost in the world of music. It's very honest and after all those years pretending to be someone else – that's refreshing."


Tara was studying music at IADT but decided to give it up so she could focus on writing and recording.

"It was a really cool course but I just felt I needed to do my own thing."

This time last year, Tara was the middle of shooting the fifth season of Raw. And she still remains close with the cast.

"I'm good friends with them all. I was over in Edinburgh this summer to see Amy Manson – who played Zoe – in a play so we're all in touch."

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