Saturday 22 September 2018

Take some simple steps and get time to fit in a workout

I wouldn't say I'm the world's best cook; I'm good but not brilliant. But it doesn't bother my husband Michael Barrett because he's on a raw food diet.

He only likes to eat raw fruits and vegetables – it's extremely healthy and he swears by it but I'm not that disciplined/I have a sweet tooth and like a sneaky bar of chocolate now and then.

Having said that, I take fitness very seriously – I have a background in personal training; I studied it when B*Witched first started.

And Michael is a personal trainer so that makes everyone in the family pretty health conscious. I go to the gym and like mixing up my sets so I work out my whole body.

Michael and I are starting our own fitness business Active You – it's a body changing regime.

I have three kids so can't always make it to the gym for an hour and a half so we've devised a 20-minute programme to get results. At the moment it's an online thing but we're currently looking for premises in Dublin.

Sometimes I do a workout routine with my fans online.

I tell them what my reps are going to be and we all start doing it at the same time and track our progress on Twitter.

It's great motivation.

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