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Suri gets away from frenzy of parents' split with playdate

She's photographed more often than not in the company of adults, so it's refreshing to see little Suri Cruise on a playdate.

The six-year-old was joined by pals her own age on a trip to New York's Children's Museum of the Arts and later enjoyed a visit to cafe Alice's Tea Cup.

Suri, who is often pictured dressed like a mini adult and even wears small versions of expensive designer heels, looked like a playful little girl as she joined her mum and pals for the day out.

It seems Katie is doing her utmost to keep Suri occupied whilst the frenzy surrounding her parents' divorce continues.

Suri clung to a stuffed toy and was dressed very age-appropriate in girly pinks and pretty kids' flip-flops.

Later, Katie popped out without her daughter looking fresh-faced and relaxed, closely followed by a burly security guard.