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Surfing, skiing sailors ... it's gotta be 1D

BE still our beating hearts.

It's finally here.

Yes, that's right -- One Direction's new video for their latest single Kiss You is released today.

They promised "stupid dancing, different locations and lots of fun." And it looks like they've delivered.

The video has a vintage vibe and shows the boys goofing around in a variety of adorable ensembles.

Mullingar teen Niall Horan (19), Harry Styles (18), Zayn Malik (19), Liam Payne (19) and Louis Tomlinson (20) go on the piste in one scene.

Donning some novelty winter knits, they take to the slopes and play the part of cheeky ski instructors. The boys prove they're all capable ski bunnies as they whizz down the slopes in goggles and bobbled hats.

Niall and the lads look shipshape in sailor outfits, complete with pinstripe T-shirts, navy jackets and white sailor hats.

And as if 1D in sailor suits wasn't enough to whip teenage girls into a frenzy, in this video the five lads appear topless.

Zayn wears a pair of inflatable armbands and the boys sport a selection of colourful board shorts as they hit the surf.


Later, the lads throw on Hawaiian shirts and dance around. Harry wears a pair of vintage Ray-Bans while Niall wears his hair in a quiff.

Keeping with the retro theme, the boys jump into a cherry red vintage sports car to make a speedy getaway.

Louis is behind the wheel and Niall is in the passenger seat wearing a crisp white tee and black shades.

The boys are seen standing up in the car shouting the lyrics and jumping around to the pop beat.

Harry and Zayn are larking about on a motor bike, Harry covers Zayn's eyes as he revs the engine and speeds down the highway. Liam, meanwhile, waves from a side car.

The new single will be the third offering from their second album, Take Me Home.

The boys have enjoyed massive success with the album.

The video is being compared to the offerings of hit American band The Monkees and fans will see the 1D lads' fun side.

Kiss You is described as having a dance-pop sound with a carnival twist and Louis said the music video was their "best yet", filled with "pure stupidity".

Fans already love the new video. "Niall makes one HOT sailor," one fan tweeted. "ZOMG," another exclaimed. "1D are the best. I love this video."