Friday 15 December 2017

Sonya had devil of a job filming fantasy movie in Mormon country

Sonya Macari
Sonya Macari

IRISH actress Sonya Macari has revealed how she helped bring the devil to the heart of Mormon country in her latest movie.

The 30-year-old has spent the past few months in the deserts of Utah shooting dark fantasy Kiss The Devil in the Dark.

At the heart of the story is actor Dameon Clarke, who plays a man so desperate to bring his wife, played by Macari (pictured left), back from the dead he cuts a deal with a demon.

"The devil in the film was played by Doug Jones, (right) who did Fawn in Pans Labyrinth. He was so terrifying and intense. I felt quite scared doing the scenes with him," Sonya told the Herald.

The movie could well prove a big break for Sonya as it comes from the creative team behind 2011 horror homage An Evening With My Comatose Mother which scooped 74 awards from 100 film festivals. But the LA-based actress had to travel to the city of Provo in Utah for filming.

"We ended up bringing the devil to the centre of Mormon country which was a bit weird but the locals we encountered were all very friendly," she added.

Landing the role in the much-anticipated horror flick is the latest success for the actress who moved to the US five years.



An early boost to her CV was landing a small role in silent film The Artist as a friend of the leading lady, Berenice Bejo, which saw her featuring in the trailer for the movie which went on to Oscar glory.

Previously she starred in The Tudors and has also played an Italian spy in NBC comedy Chuck.

She now resides in LA with husband songwriter Colin Devlin, who has also been filming in the desert lately on a video for song The Heart Won't Be Denied shot by Die Hard director John Moore.

The couple married last October at the Three Patrons Church in Rathgar. Kiss The Devil In The Dark hits screens next year.


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