Sunday 19 November 2017

Siva's lucky twin Kumar is wanted as fans see double

DUBLIN star Siva Kaneswaren might have topped the UK charts but it's his identical twin brother Kumar who is reaping all the female benefits.

The Wanted singer Siva (21) is still loved-up with his long-term girlfriend, leaving Kumar, a psychology student and part-time model, to lap up all the attention from his brother's besotted fans.

Their stunning sister Hazel told the Diary: "Kumar was lying in Hyde Park and he opened his eyes and there were all these girls looking down on him.

"They're the absolute spitting image of each other and Kumar gets all the attention but doesn't have to do any work. It's great for him," she laughed.

But Hazel (33) predicted her increasingly famous younger brothers will never fall foul of kiss and tell tabloid tales.

"You would never see that with Siva. I can guarantee that. They started out with modelling so that sort of gave them an insight into what happens at these things.

"You just steer them to be true to themselves. Siva is not the kind of person that would be hanging out of a bar drunk, and falling out and punching someone; he's not that kind of person."

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