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Sinead's a star with real talent, Dublin Wives should take note

ALL of Ireland seems to be talking about Dublin Wives and, if you ask me, all of Ireland is wrong. Because there is only one thing they should be discussing this week, and that is the return, nay, the very resurrection of that most unique of Irish gems, Sinead O'Connor.

In an interview yesterday, the Wives' Jo Jordan described how she is loving her experience on the show because, and I quote, "I f**king love being famous. I'm loving the attention, loving it! I'm getting really famous people looking for dates with me. It's f**king great."

Jo's unbridled enthusiasm for her moment in the sun was re-enforced in another newspaper, when she revealed that she had recently dated "a very well-known Irish person."

In a bizarre twist of fate, both Jo and Sinead featured as guests on Brendan O'Connor's show last Saturday, and if one needed a pointer as to the apparent vapidity of life as espoused by the Dublin Wives, it was evident you compared Jordan's interview with Sinead's appearance straight after.

Thoughtful and charmingly self-deprecating, Sinead discussed her refusal to embrace the very fame that the Dublin Wives seem hell-bent on achieving.

"I never considered myself a pop star," said Sinead, "and that's why I didn't fit into that arena."

Though reluctant to criticise those who do court fame (she had to share a green room with four ladies of an opposite persuasion, let's not forget) she conceded that "It's not something I think badly of, it just doesn't fit into my personality."

Sinead also found time to bury the hatchet with her former partner Frank Bonadio, and his former wife Mary Coughlan. When she revealed that "Mary and me get on really well. She's a lovely person, she really is," you couldn't but believe her.

Sinead has lived a hundred lives, and at times courted controversy just for the sake of it, but she seems to have found happiness, an understanding that contentment can only come from within.

"What matters is am I enjoying making music," she revealed, "am I doing what I'm doing because it's what I love."

I hope Jo caught some of Sinead's interview, and that some of it struck a chord with her.

It is probably a vain hope, however, as there was a good half hour gap between their respective appearances. And let's be honest, it was Saturday night, and there were famous people to meet...