Thursday 18 April 2019

Sinead reveals X Factor fantasy

CONTROVERSIAL Irish singer Sinead O'Connor has revealed she fantasises about trying out for The X Factor in disguise to see if she would get through.

The outspoken artist said she has toyed with the idea of auditioning in front of pop mogul Simon Cowell incognito -- but admits she would be terrified she might be rejected.

According to the star: "I have fantasised, but would never do it, the idea of auditioning for the X Factor in disguise and then wondering, wouldn't it be terrible if you didn't get anywhere?

"Imagine if they rejected you completely? But it would be funny to see," she added.

Sinead claims she never watches the show, or any other reality series for that matter, but recently became interested after the massive attention Susan Boyle gained on hit series Britain's Got Talent.

"I never do watch them, I really never do but I'm only interested since Susan Boyle came on the scene.


"I haven't been interested before that but I watched that and she was incredible. I would probably only watch it if she was on it," she added.

While being interviewed by 2fm's Will Leahy, Sinead went on to explain that she would love to collaborate with a number of high-profile rap artists.

"I'd love to do some work with people in the rap world like Dre and Ice-cub but I would be, you know, completely insignificant to them probably," she said.

The successful singer is also a big fan of American star Pink, who came to Dublin's O2 recently with her sell-out Funhouse tour.

But despite her admiration for the Let's Get it Started singer, Sinead says she didn't make it to any of her gigs as she's not a big fan of concerts.

"I probably could if I wasn't so lazy but I get this weird thing when I go to gigs. I want to run up on stage and sing.

"I'm so used to being at gigs to perform that I just can't handle being in the audience," she explained.

Sinead is due to appear on Gay Byrne's popular RTE series The Meaning of Life tomorrow, having filmed a candid interview with the former Late Late host last January.


Speaking about the meeting, Sinead said: "It was great, we had a lovely morning together at my house and chatted together about whatever, it was great."

The Dublin artist is currently working on material for a new album and is also set to re-release her hit album I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got.


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