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She's almost 60 ... but you'd hardly think so from Celia's latest stunning shoot

CELIA Holman Lee is about to make women more than half her age green with envy.

The style queen is rocking the wow factor in her latest photo shoot with VIP magazine, where she dazzles in four different evening gowns -- and rivals some of the country's best known beauties in the process.

The model agent gave a reminder as to why she is considered one of Ireland's most glamorous women, with her figure and style capable of sparking jealousy among women in their twenties.

And the brunette beauty is now hoping to find Ireland's 'next top model'.

The catwalk queen, who has been running her Limerick-based agency for nearly 40 years, has one of the most enviable careers in the industry.

And she hopes to put her extensive experience to good use by acting as a judge on the reality show if it ever makes it here.

"I would love if someone would do Ireland's Next Top Model and I could contribute to it. I would have no interest in presenting it but I'd love to do the 'Twiggy' slot. After that I'd have had enough -- I'd die happy," she told the current issue of VIP magazine.


The Limerick lady is also planning on branching out in her career, but revealed that she won't be penning her autobiography any time soon.

"You know what, it's been said to me many times, and I will look into it soon. But I would need to talk about my childhood, about growing up, and I'm not ready yet; I'm not ready to go that deep at the moment," she said.

"There are things I need to come to terms with which will take a little more time. The book will come after that."

With one of the most coveted fashion careers in the country, Celia said she doesn't struggle to keep up with her younger counterparts.

"We're busier than ever. And do you know what? It keeps me young. I'm blessed that I'm in a young people's industry. I have no choice but to sit for hours on the buses to fashion shows and talk to models of 21, 22. You have no choice but to live in their world," she said.

And although she works in a looks obsessed industry, she has vowed never to get plastic surgery.

"No, but it's hard to say no sometimes, especially when you do what I do," she said.

"I was looking at a photograph of myself in the Limerick Leader this week and I look like a dog in it -- I don't mind saying it! There are times when I look at myself and I think 'Girl, get yourself some work done.'

"Other times I look at the pictures of myself when I was young and I think 'Jeepers, that was then...' You get a twinge. Then I take a few days off and I rest up and I can look five or ten years younger, when I am not completely stressed."


Although she is no stranger to the world of television as a fashion correspondent and, most recently, taking home the title of winner on Celebrity Salon, she said she would feel "stupid" stepping out of her comfort zone and presenting a topic away from style.