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Sharon's Pulling power lands US network deal

comedienne Sharon Horgan is celebrating after her hit series Pulling was picked up by US network ABC.

Last September, Sharon (42) was recruited to turn her series, which was screened by the BBC, into a show suitable for a US audience.

And it seems her magic worked after it was snapped up by a US network.

"Just found out the US version of Pulling has been picked up by ABC," she wrote. "I'm really happy. It was a great rewrite."

The Bafta-nominated series was a success when it aired on BBC3 from 2006 to 2009.

The show followed the lives of three single women in their thirties as they cancelled wedding plans, considered career changes and bed-hopped.

The series was set in East London, with Sharon -- sister of former Ireland rugby star Shane Horgan -- playing the lead role.

The US version of Pulling was adapted by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, the brains behind comedy Bad Teacher, starring Cameron Diaz.


Both Sharon and the UK version's co-creator, Dennis Kelly, will act as executive producers.

Sharon also joked that ABC were planning on casting Lindsay Lohan in the lead role.

"And yes the rumours are correct. Karl will be played by Warren Beatty. Fingers crossed for Lindsay Lohan to play Donna."

The Have I Got News For You presenter wrote the original series after she got fed up waiting for strong female parts.

While mum-of-two Sharon is a big fan of other comedy shows, such as Peep Show, she resented the fact that all the female parts tended to be incidental girlfriends or partners.

Penning the series gave Horgan the opportunity to give the funniest lines in a script to the women.

She has said in the past that all "her favourite things are female-led or based".

Pulling could be the next female-led comedy series to make a splash in the US.

Tina Fey's series 30 Rock has won six Golden Globes and Horgan has described Fey as "the funniest person on the planet".

Lena Dunham's hit show Girls has received rave reviews , two Golden Globes and is said to be "the voice of this generation's females".