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Sharon strikes gold with super shiny pants

SHE'S usually known for her understated style but Sharon Corr's 24-carat shiny pants caused a stir.

The 42-year old singer's high impact trousers quickly became a talking point on The Voice of Ireland.

Backstage presenter Eoghan McDermott told Sharon: "You look like Michael Jackson from the History World Tour." Sharon remained diplomatic: "I'm OK with that," she said. "He was a good dresser."


The mum of one admitted she looked "like a cross between Stevie Wonder and Puff Daddy because of all my bling". Sharon teamed her gleaming trousers with a simple black vest and heels.

However, The Voice of Ireland stylist Ingrid Hoey defended the Wacko Jacko- inspired trousers.

"My twitter feed exploded last night. Everyone was sending me pictures of Michael Jackson's lamé trousers and Ricky Gervais in those gold Y-fronts at the Golden Globes," she said.

"They're fab. Not many people can pull those trousers off but Sharon can. She looked so rock 'n' roll."

"The trousers were designed by a young Irish designer called Natalie B Coleman. We really try to support and promote Irish design on the show."

Monaghan-born designer Natalie (29) is a firm favourite with Irish celebs, including Kathryn Thomas and Charlene McKenna.

"I didn't think they were too crazy. They're just normal pants but gold. Perhaps they all need a bit more glitter and gold in their lives," Natalie laughed.

The designer has now sold out of the ¤320 trousers since the show aired.

Sharon has dubbed the incident 'Gold Trouser-gate' and says she loves her statement slacks. "No good in not being noticed," she remarked.