Monday 20 November 2017

Sharon Corr is cooking me dinner ... and I promise I won't throw any more wine

THE last week has been absolutely mad for me.

The Voice of Ireland finally aired last Sunday and I've been recording tracks for my new album all week.

It would be fair to say that there has been a lot of drama in my life recently with a certain wine throwing incident on Come Dine With Me and taking part in RTE's new talent show, but I'm loving my life at the moment, mad as it is.

After watching the show on Sunday, me and Bressie went for a couple of drinks in the city centre to celebrate the start of the new series.

It's something I am really proud to be part of and I think it has really exceeded all of our expectations.

We all do get on but I'm no shrinking violet. I love when it gets very passionate on the show.

Kian is right beside me so he can get the brunt of what I'm saying and we shout at each other sometimes but that's just the way it is.

We aren't going to get on all the time but so far so good. To me though, Sharon is the one that can do no wrong, I think she's great.

I saw that a Botox doctor (Danielle Meagher) said that the lovely Sharon should get Botox. That's a bit mad. I was shocked when I heard that. I think Danielle was just looking for self-promotion. She is just trying to publicise herself -- I'd say she doesn't really care.

I don't know if she thinks I should get some too. I have never considered getting Botox because luckily I have quite a round face. I worked with Lulu before and she once said to me 'Listen honey keep some weight on your face, it keeps the wrinkles away'.

The talent so far on The Voice has been amazing.

It is in our culture to sing and it's about time RTE got it right with a show like this, and this really stands apart from other talent shows.


RTE were right to get this show because it has a clever format and it's already doing so well around the world, it's an antidote to some of the other shows out there.

I don't know how I'm coming across but I really am just being myself.

I like being a part of the show because I think my career has been quite unusual compared to other singers. Normally people have come and gone in one or two years but here I am two decades later still going and I bring all that experience to the table.

And the thing I like about The Voice is that we all have to put our money where our mouth is and sing on stage with our acts. We need to remind people that music is what we do, they need to know that we are in this position because of our talent.

As well as doing the show, I'm working day and night on my new album. I have been in and out of the recording studio all week so it's a really crazy time for me. I'm getting music mixed, getting the song list together, it's all go.

Making a record is like having a baby, it's never the right time to do it. I just have to get through it and multi-task over the next few months.

And when I'm not in the studio I'm in the gym with Paul Byrne, it's important to me to get in there as often as I can.

Tonight all The Voice coaches will be reuniting for a nice meal.

Sharon is throwing a dinner party tonight at hers so I'm looking forward to that and there won't be any wine throwing at this dinner table -- I will tell you that much. Obviously before being shown as a judge on The Voice, everyone was talking about Celebrity Come Dine With Me.

I have always been a huge fan of the show and when I heard there was going to be a celebrity version here I jumped at the chance.

I really loved doing the show but I have to say I was so exhausted after it, there were really long filming hours and of course I had to deal with Paul Martin at the dinner table every night.

Obviously I didn't get on with Paul and that was real but at the same time if I had to have dinner every night with the same friends for a week it would be difficult.

But with Paul being as irritating as he is, he was unbearable after just one night.


But, look, it was a bit of fun and I think people got to see a really different side to me. For the first time I was doing something that had nothing to do with music and I got to throw a glass of wine at a hack!

I loved filming with the rest of them though and I really loved Roz, she was really warm, smart and funny. I said from the start that she was the dark horse and I was right, she really wasn't that stereotypical predictable supermodel type, she was completely different to what I expected.

I am going on the Saturday Night Show tomorrow night and I believe Paul Martin is going to be on it too, but believe me we are not doing it together, I will never doing anything with that man as a pair. I know I am going on as a guest, I hope we don't get put together but watch this space I guess, either way I'll get my own back. The next few weeks are going to be really intense for me. The album is my main concern for 2012 alongside The Voice.

My goal this year is to make the best record I have ever put out and tour around Ireland. I'm hoping to have my first single in one of the last episodes of The Voice, it's a great platform to share my new music.

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