Saturday 16 December 2017

Sarge silent on big fat TV strop

OPERATION Transformation's Sgt Mulcahy appears to have finally met his match after walking off set for the first time in the show's history.

The 49-year-old army NCO was remaining tight lipped about his unusual outburst when contacted by the Herald this morning.

He said viewers could judge for themselves on tomorrow night's show.

But fitness guru Karl Henry revealed that the dad-of-four from Clare had been unhappy with the lack of teamwork between this year's leaders.

"Sunday's challenge was old school," Karl revealed.

"It was really hard and for the first time Sgt Mulcahy stormed out in a huff and slammed the door. There were awkward silences everywhere.

Karl added: "He got frustrated, it's as simple as that. The challenge was all about team work and for him there just wasn't enough teamwork going on. To be honest I have to agree with him."

Despite his tough-talking manner, Sgt Mick Mulcahy said he only wanted the best for contestants and was trying to push them for that reason.

He previously told the Herald: "Sometimes, people are trying to hide when you need them to push themselves. But they have to understand that there is no easy way, you have to give 100pc."

On yesterday's John Murray's Radio One show, Dublin leader Natalie Cox revealed that she had upped her efforts this week to ensure that she would make her target after a disappointing result last week.

"I just tried my best to keep going and not lose the faith because that can happen," the 24-year-old mum said.

She added that she was not resentful towards nutrition expert Dr Eva Orsmond, who questioned if Natalie was sticking to her diet plan.

The Swedish doctor went on to reveal that Natalie had suffered from constipation and fans reacted angrily to her treatment of the young mum. However, Natalie insisted she bore her no grudge.

"Dr Eva is Dr Eva," she said.


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