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Sarah lands dream role as Sleeping Beauty on US show

starlet Sarah Bolger is well on her way to a 'happy ever after' by landing a key role in a US fairytale drama.

The Dubliner, who first shot to fame in Jim Sheridan's In America, has signed up to the ABC show for the second season of Once Upon A Time.

The fantasy drama was the highest rating new drama on US television last season.

Sarah (21) will take on the role of Princess Aurora -- or Sleeping Beauty. As the fairytale goes, the princess was put into a deep sleep when she touched the spindle of Maleficent's spinning wheel and pricked her finger.


It isn't until much later that she was brought back to life by the kiss of a handsome prince.

But in a twist on the original tale, the princess in this Once Upon A Time series is depicted as a spoiled girl who is willing to "sacrifice everything for love".

The actress said that she was looking forward to getting stuck into filming in Canada. "Couldn't be more excited!" Sarah said. "Thank you so much. Excited to head to Vancouver....Looking forward to meeting everyone."

This is not the first regal role that Sarah has managed to get her teeth into -- she played the part of Princess Mary alongside Jonathan Rhys-Meyers's King Henry VIII in The Tudors, which she filmed in Ireland after her Leaving Cert exams.

The first season of the show is currently airing on Channel 5 in the UK and the new series is due to air in the autumn.