Wednesday 13 December 2017

Rugby hunks steal the girls says Breff

BREFFNY Morgan (inset) is blaming Leinster's rugby players for his lack of success with women recently.

The former Apprentice contestant (24) told the Diary that being a former reality TV star has its perks as he gets loads of female attention -- unless there are rugby players around.

"If you're in a club it's a great way to get you noticed and you get a lot of attention but once there are rugby guys in the club, then forget it.

"They always steal all of the attention away from the rest of us. So I'm not a big rugby fan," he said.

The budding entrepreneur revealed he is finally turning his back on reality TV.

"I've done three reality TV shows now and I'm not going to do anymore.

"I enjoyed all of them and have no regrets because it helped me make great contacts like with Bill Cullen.

"But I won't be doing any TV again unless maybe as a panelist or something like that. I don't want to be the next Jordan and be only known as a reality TV addict."

Breffny has just returned from a wedding in the US and is now planning to move back there, saying: "There is a lot more happening there."

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