Tuesday 22 May 2018

RTE's Kathryn will stage New Year party in Spain to fight break-up blues

RTE's Kathryn Thomas is ringing in 2013 in style after jetting off for a week in the sun.

The newly single presenter has decided to forsake our chilly shores in favour of celebrating the New Year in Spain.

Kathryn (34) has headed off with her sister Linda and two friends after deciding to take advantage of a week off work from RTE.


"We all just decided to go away for the week as I'm not back in work until January 7.

"I just thought, why not? So we just booked somewhere sunny at the last minute and decided to head off," she said.

The Carlow native has opted to put her "huge sadness" of her break-up from Garda Enda Waters behind her in favour of a fun break away.

This year saw her having Christmas dinner in Dublin in her sister's house in Stillorgan, joined by 14 of her relatives.

And she told the Diary how she's just like any other girl when it comes to over-indulging during the festive spell.

Despite her super-svelte figure, the anchor of weight-loss show Operation Transformation loves her food.

And like the rest of us, she's definitely been enjoying herself tucking into Christmas fare.

"The diet goes out the window completely and then, come January, I have the fear of God and I pack up all the mince pies and junk food," she continued.


"Then I stock up on lots of healthy things like blueberries and raspberries and fresh fruit and try to be good for the month."

It's back to business for the former No Frontiers presenter in January when she gets stuck into filming Operation Transformation in earnest.

She has also been filling in for John Murray on his RTE Radio 1 show, as well as working on The Voice of Ireland.

But she has admitted that 2012 was a tough year for her, given that her five-year relationship with her partner came to an end.

Although the couple parted last July, it was not until November that their break-up became public.


"It was good to have my own time to get my head around it and deal with it, because it's not called a break-up for nothing.

"It's horrendous for anyone to go through," she said.

"The good thing is, we are still good friends.

"There is always going to be a huge sadness for a while.

"When you spend five-and-a-half years with somebody, it's a long time and it's an adjustment; I think I'm still adjusting."

She added: "I'm generally a positive person.

"I think I do throw myself into work and my own friends and, for me, that's a coping mechanism."

Kathryn also credited having "great friends and family" for helping her get through the split.

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