Wednesday 16 January 2019

Roz's raunchy jewellery ad causes website to crash

Roz Purcell
Roz Purcell
Roz Purcell

Sex sells - just ask Newbridge Silverware.

The Kildare company's website crashed this week after Roz Purcell fans flocked to see her red hot ad, the Herald can reveal.

The online promotion for Newbridge's latest eShe range of jewellery had to be edited after being deemed too risque by the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI).

But not before countless people accessed the site, causing it to crash as they checked out the raunchy ad starring the 24-year-old model.

And providing proof that all publicity is good publicity, a spokeswoman for the company said the eShe range has become one of its biggest sellers.

"It's fantastic. We've had to re-order stock several times, and this week in particular we had a real increase in sales and traffic to our site," she said.

"It initially went on sale in April and it has done extremely well for the company. It was a new venture for us in that we were going for the younger demographic.

"It was all about being fashion-forward and bringing out these big neck pieces for a younger audience."

In fact, the company was so pleased with Roz's starring role in the ad that they did another shoot last night for TV3's showbiz show Xpose, and said they hoped to work with her again.

The gold €20 neckpiece worn by Amy Huberman on the day she confirmed her pregnancy was from the eShe range and proved an instant best-seller.


Now the remaining pieces that were modelled by Roz are expected to be snapped up in a similar fashion, given the reaction to the steamy ad.

It was banned by the ASAI after it received just one complaint for being "exploitative of sexuality".

The advertising watchdog said in a statement that the committee "considered that the poses taken by the model were overtly sexual in nature and were therefore provocative".

It made reference to two specific scenes - one where Roz dips her finger into a cocktail and licks it and another where she wears a silky kimono.

These have now been taken out of the amended ad.

Roz expressed her surprise that the promo had provoked such a strong reaction.

The former Miss Universe Ireland said she believed the jewellery was the "main focus" of the shoot by celebrity photographer Barry McCall.

"I was surprised, as anyone who has seen it, including my family, loved it and they would always be very critical, especially if they found something too provocative," she said.

"I still love the ad and shoot and I think the majority of people do too."


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