Friday 22 November 2019

Roz joins pal Eugena as she tries to conquer Hollywood

BAD news, boys, Rozanna Purcell is leaving Ireland once again - this time for Los Angeles.

The globetrotting model (20) who is signed to Donald Trump's modelling agency, might be one of Ireland's top catwalk queens, but she is determined to show off her acting chops in Hollywood.

The former UCD student has been travelling the world and sampling different fashion markets, including New York and South Africa, in recent months, and she will next be jetting off to sunny California in the hopes of taking on the acting world.

And she will have her own personal tour guide in the form of her new BFF and former America's Next Top Model finalist Eugena Washington.

"I'm going to go back to New York in September, but my base will be in Los Angeles," she told the Herald.

"My friend Eugena, who I met in South Africa, is always telling me to come to LA and she said there's a great commercial market out there.

"I'd also like to do some TV and acting work.

"When I was in Toronto, a few film directors and agents wanted to take me on.

"So if I go to LA, I can model and act there. I'll probably live with Eugena, people over there called us 'salt and pepper' because we were inseparable.

"But it might be too dangerous to live together," she joked.


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