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Rosanna puts off her plans for UK move to stay close to Wes

TOP model Rosanna Davison has put her ambitious plans to crack the UK on ice.

Rosanna (26) admitted earlier this year that she was giving a move to London some serious consideration after spending more and more time there.

But the blonde beauty has revealed that she has now decided to remain on Irish shores because she doesn't want to be apart from long-term beau Wes Quirke (26).

Speaking to the Diary, the former Miss World said it is no longer something she is thinking about.

"Wes works here so I don't really want to have a long-distance relationship," she said.

The couple, who have been together for four years, recently sparked speculation they will soon walk down the aisle.

But for now Rosanna is preparing to return to college in mid-October to study nutrition, although she insists she will still have time for her jet-setting assignments abroad.

"I'll still be able to fit it in because it's only one weekend a month. I am looking forward to it and you know I've said before it's part-time so I'll still be continuing with other things.

"It's going to be up extra early in the mornings to do my hour of study a day. I have different projects on the way in September, October, and bits and pieces in the UK," she added.

Rosanna's good pal Laura Toogood is already making the move back to her native London after bagging a new job as a researcher with the BBC.

And Rosie admitted she will "absolutely" miss having her around.

"I have so many friends in London now and I'm over so much that it's a great opportunity to meet up with them over there," she added.

Rosanna was speaking as she stepped out as a "Lady in Red" for a good cause at the CHQ.

She was joined by Fair City actress Martina Stanley, Hazel Kaneswaren, Sinead Desmond and Nessa Childers MEP to raise awareness that heart disease is the number one killer of Irish women as part of the Irish Heart Foundation's new campaign, This Is Not A Red Dress, It's A Red Alert.

Meanwhile, Rosanna had plenty of words of encouragement and advice for her Miss Universe Ireland namesake Rozanna Purcell (19), who came seventh in the Miss Universe final in Las Vegas.

"I thought she did such a wonderful job as an ambassador for Ireland. She looked beautiful on stage. I woke myself up on the night to watch the final bit of it. To reach number seven out of 83 women is a phenomenal achievement and I do think the winner Miss Mexico was entirely deserving.

"She was absolutely stunning. We should all be very proud of how far Rozanna got.

"I can remember after Miss World from the adrenaline of it, the strain of it and the whirlwind, all I wanted was my pyjamas and a sandwich."