Tuesday 21 November 2017

Rosanna is what Hollywood is waiting for as she bags lead role in Irish movie

MULTI-talented former Miss World Rosanna Davison has added a new talent to her CV this week -- the ability to act.

The beauty pageant star has wowed film producers after landing the lead female role as a romance novelist in a new indie Irish movie.

Shooting took place this week at locations throughout Dublin including the National Botanic Gardens, with the majority being shot in a film studio in the south of the city.

The film, called Vena, is being produced by renowned director and producer Kevin Abosch and see's Rosanna co-starring alongside popular actor Richard Wall, star of the Oscar-nominated Whatever Turns You On.

Kevin told the Herald he is thoroughly impressed with the model's acting skills.


"This is Rosanna's first acting role and she definitely seems to have a natural talent, she takes direction really well," Kevin explained.

"I like the idea of taking someone who is well known in their native country, someone who the general public might have preconceptions about and working with them to get a compelling performance.

"It's extra satisfying for me when you can take someone like that and get past that public persona to see what's underneath".

Kevin went on to explain how, unlike other Irish-made blockbusters, he's unconcerned about the Irish market and revealed he will be pitching the film to a number of big-name production companies worldwide.

"I have rather grand ideas for Irish cinema, they border on being a little arrogant," he said. "I'm honestly not even considering the Irish market, of course it will be shown here but I have much bigger plans.

"It will definitely be screened in the States and at cinemas across the world," he added.

Meanwhile, Richard Wall, who plays the part of Rosanna's boyfriend, a marine biologist, claims the Assets lass is on course for big things.


According to the actor: "I've worked with a lot of actresses, who despite years of training wouldn't have been able to match the performance that Rosanna gave.

"She has none of the bad habits that actors pick up over time, and I feel she can move on to great things in the movie industry with her natural ability.

"The world is crying out for a talented young Irish actress to break on to the international scene and make a splash in the same way that so many of their male counterparts, such as Colin Farrell and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, have done in the last few years.

He added: "Rosanna could be what Hollywood has been waiting for."


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