Friday 15 December 2017

Robbie to launch his new club with 'one hell of a bash'

ROBBIE Fox has revealed that he will open the doors of his Dawson Street members-only club in three weeks time with "one hell of a bash".

And the nightclub supremo, who is pals with Colin Farrell and Bono, is promising to dance all over the competition after waging a war of words with his fellow Dublin rivals.

Mr Fox, whose club Renards went into liquidation in May 2009, has joined up with businessman Louis Murray as they revamp part of La Stampa hotel for their VIP venture.

"Places like Buck's cater for a very young crowd and Lillie's seems to have gone a bit tired. There's nothing that's kind of in the middle.

"Our club's going to be quite modern and plush, with lots of nice elements in it, something that Dublin hasn't seen before," he told the Herald.

"There's a new era in Irish clubs, because of our licensing laws. Before, you would go out at 12 and the club would have to close down at 2.30am. Those days are gone.

"We're looking at opening around the second week of November and it's all going according to schedule.

"I'm really looking forward to having one hell of an opening bash. Nobody talks about anything but the recession now and it's time we gave two fingers up to it and said 'let's have a party, we all need a good lift."


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