Thursday 21 March 2019

Revealed, the age-old secret that TV's coy Caroline is trying to hide from movie moguls

TRUTH: Why Hollywood hopeful shaved off a year (or two)

The Herald can finally reveal the truth about Caroline Morahan's age.

After much searching, we can reveal that the Podge and Rodge host is actually just two months shy of the ripe old age of 32.

This is completely at odds with Caroline's assertion in a recent interview that she is 30 years of age.

It also goes against a celebrity website's claims that she was born in 1982, making her 27.

The question of how old the RTE star actually is has been the matter of much speculation over the last few days.

Wannabe Hollywood starlet Caroline kickstarted the speculation herself with quotes she gave in a recent interview with Irish magazine Woman's Way.


The former Off The Rails host is quitting these shores for a new life in Tinseltown, where she is hoping to carve out a career in acting.

However, she revealed to the magazine that she might be telling a few white lies when asked about her age.

"I think LA is ageist," she told the magazine in an interview published this week. "I'm 30, so hopefully I will dodge the question in certain situations."

She has previously said that she was going to tell everybody she was 25 -- but later said that she would fudge the issue if quizzed on her age.

However, according to her birth certificate, Caroline Silvia Irene Morahan is already shaving time off her age. She is no longer 30, in fact she will turn 32 on August 9.

The legal document also reveals that one of Dublin's best known beauties was actually born in Co Louth. Caroline, who grew up in Glasnevin, was born in Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda.

However, the issue surrounding her age is unlikely to take away from Caroline's enthusiasm for the daunting task that lies ahead.


She appears well aware of what is required if she is to mount a serious bid for film fame. She spent a holiday in LA last month where she took acting classes to further enhance her skills. At the moment, Caroline's best known role is as Surfia in the very successful I Keano.

Famously, she also had a role as teenage minx Barbara Cleary in Fair City when she was just 15.

In spite of her willingness to cut down her age, Caroline says that her desire for a movie career won't change her attitude to her weight.

"Now that I'm hoping to get to work in one of the most competitive and superficial places in the world I do have to be fitter, but I won't be doing a Victoria Beckham and going around like Skeletor," she said.

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