Saturday 18 November 2017

Rebecca hits the decks as new single flops

FORMER X Factor star Rebecca Creighton has turned to DJing after admitting no Irish radio stations have been playing her band's music.

The Tallaght native is still a member of Belle Amie but has started learning how to DJ after their first single failed to enter the Irish charts.

Little Mix (right) may have secured themselves a massive record deal but 2010 X Factor rejects Belle Amie are still on the search for their big break. After months of working on their first track, their debut single Girls Up got thousands of YouTube hits but no position in the charts.

Speaking to the Diary, Rebecca (22) said she was really disappointed that radio stations in Ireland weren't promoting their music and is now focused on starting a DJ career.

"I was really disappointed with the radio stations at home when we released Girls Up. For some reason there wasn't that much support for us here in Ireland.

"I know that my friends and family were texting and calling all the radio stations requesting the song to be played but no one would play it. When we released Girls Up I was disappointed because there wasn't that support in Ireland, they were texting and calling but they wouldn't play it.

"Now I really want to be a DJ. I'm getting a set of decks and I'm learning how to do it properly. I still really want to be a singer and I'm adamant that me and the girls will be over in America soon with our music. But right now this is what I'm doing.

"I'm so interested in all types of music so I think I'm going to be good at it, it's what I'll be doing every time I come home to Ireland," she said.

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