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Reading TV3 news takes Siobhan's breath away...literally

TV3 newsreader Siobhan Bastible proved she was a true pro by recovering from a breathtaking coughing fit live on air.

The news anchor choked on her words as she presented the news on Friday afternoon.

The usually cool presenter was caught off guard when something stuck in her throat just before she delivered the news headlines.


Producers switched back to Midday presenter Elaine Crowley and her panellists as Siobhan continued to cough uncontrollably for several seconds.

Elaine quickly stepped into the breach to fill airtime while Siobhan caught her breath and had a drink of water.

She returned moments later to present the news.

The clip instantly became a viral hit, with hundreds of viewers logging on to see it.

A representative for TV3 was unavailable to comment at the time of going to print.

Siobhan has been a regular fixture at the news station over the past seven years.

She started her career with Today FM and Newstalk before moving to TV3 in 2005.

Siobhan (33) is one of Ballymount's top news presenters – but even the professionals can have an off-day.

The error at least took the spotlight away from RTE's Aengus MacGrianna, who's on-air gaffe travelled right around the world.

The presenter was unaware that he was on camera for at least 20 seconds and clearly thought he had a few moments to fix his appearance with a bit of bronzer.

When someone finally told him what was happening, Aengus paused for a second before exclaiming: "What?!"

It wasn't long before the clip was viewed globally and was even picked up on the Jimmy Kimmel show in the US.

It wasn't the first time that Aengus has been caught out by viewers. A few weeks ago, a clip of Aengus tripping over his words when reporting about the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission also went viral.

An RTE spokeswoman said at the time: "No comment, except to say it was a technical error."