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Potter star Evanna just wants to act her age

The Irish star of the Harry Potter movies says her parents are now urging her to take a part in a historical movie.

Evanna Lynch (20), known to millions of Potter fans as Luna Lovegood in the big-budget franchise, says parents Donal and Marguerite would love to see her come back home to make a "nice historical movie".

"I think our history is so rich and my dad is a history teacher and he's always telling me stories and there's so many things to write about and it's just a pity the film industry here is struggling a bit," she said.

"I think our historical dramas are just the best. Me and my family love The Wind That Shakes the Barley. Me and my mum were watching that and she was saying to me, 'Would you never get a film like that?'

"I would love to work in Ireland. Everywhere else I have to go and get a visa."

And the blonde actress said she would love a part in the TV hit series, Games of Thrones.

She recently made the transition from big screen to small with a role in the €22m fantasy series Sinbad.

It sees her coming into the Sky 1 programme in episode 12, when she takes on the role of Alehna, a 14-year-old rescued by Sinbad's crew.

The baby-faced actress says it's a mixed blessing being able to play a character six years younger than she is in real life.

"For a while, until I was about 18, I was always put in the 14 or 15 age bracket.

"My manager is like, 'You want to stay young as long as possible.' But it's limiting the kind of roles you can do when you're 14; they're not as interesting," she continued.

She is spending the next few weeks at home as she awaits news on her next new project and said she is relishing being back here for a while.

She will also be breathing a sigh of relief next month when she finally celebrates her milestone 21st birthday, because then she'll be legally able to drink in America.