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Pale, freckled and red haired beauty Lauren ... a bit like a young Lindsay?

BARE-faced, freckles and red hair -- this model has ditched the fake tan and dyed blonde tresses and says she feels all the better for it.

Lauren Taylor (22) from Mount Merrion, south Dublin, is being compared to a fresh-faced Lindsay Lohan (before her wild-child lifestyle) and Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts.

And since embracing her natural looks, she says her pale Irish skin is her best asset.

"There are a lot of tanned and pretty girls out there, but there are not a lot of pale girls who are willing to go pale," the Andre Roche model said.

"It gives you so much confidence when you feel you don't have to cover yourself in make-up and do the fake hair and everything."

While troubled actress Lindsay (26) has changed her naturally red hair for blonde locks and back again in recent years, Lauren has learned her lesson and will be sticking to her roots.

"I went through my teenage phase of going bleach blonde but now I am definitely staying a red-head," Lauren said.

According to the UCD student, less is more and the bare-faced, freckled look is also a hit with male admirers.

"For nights out I still make myself up sometimes, but I do think there is something very nice about the ability to go out and wear a little face and body foundation, good mascara and then you're done."

"Guys find that more attractive as well," added Lauren, who is now studying for a Masters in Management Consulting.

But she has not always been proud of her natural look, admitting: "Two years ago I would have lived in the stuff, I'd say it was about five centimetres thick. But now it's a lot easier in terms of upkeep."

And Lauren is encouraging other girls to embrace their freckles and pale skin with the look tipped to be the hot new trend for 2013.

"I think there's more space out there for girls who are willing to wear less make-up."