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Outgoing Charmaine is delighted to hand over sash to a childhood friend

OUTGOING Rose Charmaine Kenny said she was delighted to hand over her crown to childhood pal Clare Kambamettu.

The Roses grew up together in Athy, Co Kildare -- even going to the same tennis lessons.

"Clare's from Athy and she was also the London Rose so I had already met her earlier this year when I handed over that sash," Charmaine explained.

"We were in the same tennis lessons when we were about eight and we were also in the same school for a while but she was a year behind me. I definitely would have known who she was though.

"I never thought that London was going to win again this year so I'm really delighted for her. It's great news.

"It just goes to prove that there's no politics in the Rose of Tralee."

Charmaine left her mark last night when she donned a black version of the striking red dress made famous by former Miss World Rosanna Davison.

The management consultant (27) is planning to jet off on a foreign holiday with her long-term boyfriend Sean Hogan next weekend before she begins looking for a job upon her return.


"Now that I'm a free agent again I'm going to go on a holiday with my boyfriend Sean and then I'm going to face up to reality and go on a job hunt," she revealed.