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Our Marisa shows off her new baby Gary


BUNDLE OF JOY: Proud mum Marisa Mackle with little Gary

BUNDLE OF JOY: Proud mum Marisa Mackle with little Gary

BUNDLE OF JOY: Proud mum Marisa Mackle with little Gary

Bestselling author and party-girl Marisa Mackle has told how she's ditching the capital's nightlife for her newborn son, Gary.

Marisa said she would miss her baby too much if she spent time out on the town and has decided to embrace motherhood instead.

"That was all great fun when I had nothing else to do, but I don't have the interest in going out and about now. I'd miss him terribly. I missed him when I woke up this morning as he was with his dad. I never thought I would be one of those mothers. You think it won't change your life that much, but when they arrive it's all so different.

I can't imagine what life was like without him," said the Herald columnist.

Although Marisa said she won't be a staple on the social scene, she's still going to go out for a good night with friends.

"The last two years, I haven't been out that much. When I was pregnant, I wasn't out that much at all.

"My life kind of stopped when I got pregnant. So now I'm really looking forward to a good night out -- I feel like I deserve it. I've given up drink for Lent, but I might have a few on St Patrick's Day.


"I have to make sure it's for something really worthwhile, and I'd have to get about two weeks notice to get my hair done and find a babysitter," Marisa said.

Marisa had little Gary, named after his adoring dad, almost a month ago in Dublin's Holles Street. He was four weeks premature and weighed five pounds. The pregnancy wasn't plain sailing for Marisa, as little Gary was in a breech position, making it uncomfortable for his expectant mum, who had to have a caesarean section as a result.

Marisa and Gary were home within a few days, but baby Gary was brought back in for treatment for jaundice and then he was brought back to the Intensive Care Unit for five days as he wasn't putting on enough weight.

Since he was discharged from Holles Street, baby Gary is thriving and now weighs a healthy 6.5lbs.

"You think that for someone so small, they can't be that much work. But they are. It's hilarious. They change your world," she said.

One thing Marisa misses is her sleep: "If I get five hours, I think it's brilliant," she laughed.