Tuesday 25 June 2019

OT's plucky Natalie is back on track after shedding 4lbs

OPERATION Transformation producers feared that a leader would quit the show for the first time after Dublin mum Natalie Cox was inaccessible for several days.

The young mum went AWOL right after the programme aired last week and nutrition expert Dr Eva Orsmond was forced to plead with her to keep on track.

After two days without any word from the mum-of-one, Dr Eva rang Natalie and told her: "I''m really concerned about you ... Don't give up on us, I know you can do this."

Eventually, the 24-year-old answered her door and revealed that she had struggled with the public knowing every detail of her life.

She was referring to last week's show when she was forced to admit that she may have failed to reach her weekly weight-loss target because of health troubles.

"I'm not actually sure whether I would have preferred to keep it private and just let everyone think I'd cheated because now I know that when I go outside everyone knows that I had constipation and I had my lady troubles and that's really embarrassing," Natalie explained on last night's show.


"I signed up to Operation Transformation because I've found it difficult to lose weight for the last couple of years.

"I'm working so hard, this is such a short process, and I swore to myself that I'd get the best out of it, I'd give it my best, so that's what I'm doing."

As she recovered her motivation, Natalie upped her efforts to ensure that she would make her target after a disappointing result last week.

Presenter Kathryn Thomas revealed, much to everyone's delight, that Natalie had achieved her target weight loss this week. She lost 4lbs, and reached 15st 0.5lbs.

Dr Orsmond said: "I'm delighted to see you're back on track."

"The whole nation is behind you... Past is past, now we look forward."

Natalie has vowed that she would make her overall target for the show. She needs to lose 5lbs in the next fortnight and she's prepared to go the extra mile to accomplish this.

"There's no way that I'm not hitting my target. I'll suck the stuff out of me with a vacuum if I have to," she joked.

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