Saturday 16 December 2017

Oscars and mini marathon are both on Karen's diary

TV3'S Karen Koster heads off to the daddy of all awards ceremonies today, when she flies to LA for the Oscars.

Karen was over the moon when she found out she was to cover the most glittering gig in showbusiness this weekend.

The bubbly blonde told the Diary she's been packing designer clothes in preparation for the glitzy post-Oscar bash.

"We're going to the Oscar Wilde post-Oscars party like we always do. I'm all packed up, Karen Millen came in and gave me lots of nice things so I'm wearing all their clothes.

"All the big stars will be there but I'm especially looking forward to meeting Michelle Williams. I was a huge Dawson's Creek fan so I would love to interview her."

The star made the comments while promoting this year's Flora Women's Mini Marathon which takes place on June 4.

This year Karen will be running the marathon in aid of Cystic Fibrosis. The TV star revealed she has friends who have suffered from the illness and hopes to raise much needed funding.

"I know people who have suffered from it so it's something I really want to raise awareness for. I'm training with Alan Byrne now out in Sandymount for about six weeks now. Hopefully I will be fit enough," she laughed.

It's the 30th anniversary of the mini marathon this year and organisers are pulling out all the stops to make it one of the best ever.

Here on the Herald we have a huge competition giving away €30,000 worth of advertising to our readers' favourite marathon charity.

Meanwhile, Karen revealed how boyfriend John McGuire nonchalantly mentioned to her how he tackled a shop raider last week.

"We went out with my parents and he just said it over dinner, I said to him 'are you actually joking?'

"I asked him why he didn't call me straight after it happened but he said he really thought it wasn't a big deal," Karen explained.

"But honestly, John does such random things. Whether it's TV presenting or starting up new businesses in a recession or writing books, so nothing surprises me. Crime fighting is just the latest thing," she laughed.

And the showbiz presenter says she definitely feels safer at home after finding out that her man was out tackling thieves.

"Now I feel really safe with John around, I really do. He works really hard in the gym, it's good to see he's putting it to use.

"But honestly it was lovely that he was called a hero, I was delighted for him, he really wasn't expecting that reaction at all," she said.

Apart from working out, Karen says she looks after herself with a healthy diet.

"I try to eat healthy during the week, a lot of light foods, lots of salads but I always relax on the weekends.

"I have my treats over the weekend," she says.

- AR

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