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One Direction offer fans sneak preview of new video for Kiss You

One Direction are all looking shipshape as the boys set sail for their latest music video.

A teaser for the video -- which will debut online on Monday -- was issued by record company Syco last night.

Their next single release, Kiss You, shows Mullingar teen Niall Horan (19), Harry Styles (18), Zayn Malik (19), Liam Payne (19) and Louis Tomlinson (20) in sailor outfits, complete with pinstripe T-shirts, navy jackets and white sailor hats.


The boyband superstars have shared some behind-the-scenes footage ahead of the release.

The new single will be the third offering from their second album, Take Me Home.

The boys have enjoyed massive success with the album, which has topped charts around the world.

They posted the teaser trailer on their Facebook page with the message: "Fancy seeing a sneak peak of the Kiss You video?! We'll be showing you snippets over the next five days in the run-up to the official release -- here's Part 1!"

The video is being compared to the offerings of hit American band The Monkees and fans will see the 1D lads' fun side.

Kiss You is described as having a dance-pop sound with a carnival twist and Louis said the music video was their "best yet", filled with "pure stupidity".

In one clip, viewers see Harry sporting a Hawaiian shirt as he does his best to look cutely into the camera.

Another extract shows Niall looking dapper in a crisp white shirt and black sunglasses.

Clips also show the boys larking about with musical instruments.

Speaking recently to MTV, Liam added that the footage would include "stupid dancing, loads of different locations and lots of fun".

But as the band's star continues to rise, Spice Girl Mel C has warned the boys to enjoy their fame while it lasts.

"They seem to be breaking America, which we were lucky enough to do. My advice would be: just enjoy it, because so often with success like that, it's over so quickly," she said.

"Really enjoy every minute of it. Try and take it all in, because it's crazy. With pop bands, fame is often so short-lived that you have to take every opportunity that you can," added the singer.