Monday 20 November 2017

Oh no, I've an Irish accent! - Caroline

Rory McIlroy's relationship with his tennis ace girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki shows no signs of slowing down in 2012.

But the Diary isn't sure whether her possible future in-laws will be that thrilled with recent comments she made on her Twitter page about picking up an Irish brogue.

"Some people have told me I am picking up a bit of an Irish accent when I talk. Uh oh, not good!" she stated.

When her sports star boyfriend picked her up on her comment, asking what's wrong with the Irish accent, she was quick to sweet talk him with an explanation. "No offence, I just like my Danish/American mix that I usually have going on," she replied.


The Co Down native split from his previous girlfriend of six years Holly Sweeney last July, releasing a statement confirming they had gone their separate ways.

But it soon became apparent that someone else had stolen his heart, namely the Danish stunner. The pair first struck up a friendship after meeting when he went to a boxing match in Germany after his US Open triumph last June and things developed from there. Caroline has even been learning golf as a sign that she's serious about the pro golfer -- who said she was a natural from the start.

"I took her for a lesson with a good friend of mine who is one of the pros at the Els Club in Dubai," McIlroy said. "At the end of the lesson she was hitting 7 irons about 140 yards. So for the time being she has more potential at golf than I do at tennis."

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