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O'Carroll delighted as Mrs Brown bags Christmas special deal with BBC

HIS sitcom attracts millions of viewers across Ireland and the UK and has won a clutch of prestigious awards.

But Dublin comedian Brendan O'Carroll is still getting used to the level of fame foul-mouthed matriarch Agnes Brown has brought to his life.

While far from complaining, O'Carroll has told how it can cause havoc with everyday life.

He laughed: "To not be able to get from the check-in to the aeroplane without stopping is really weird.

"I don't even think my mother, if she was alive, would want a f****** photograph of me," he said.

In a recent interview, O'Carroll acknowledges that his hit sitcom has its critics -- but he claims it's success is down to an audience that "comedy forgot".

"Who gives a f***? It is what it is. There are people who will love it, and people who won't," he says.

Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas Special was the most watched comedy or drama across telelevision in December.

It was a huge draw for RTE -- close to one million tuned in on Christmas Eve.

And it attracted 11.7m viewers across the UK.

It beat the likes of Downton Abbey, Call The Midwife and Miranda. When you include iPlayer viewing, the figures rose to 15million viewers.

Earlier this month it was named Best Sitcom at the National Television Awards in the UK, beating Absolutely Fabulous and Benidorm.

Not surprisingly then that BBC bosses have commissioned a further pair of Christmas specials.

Mrs Brown's Boys -- created by and starring Irish comic Brendan O'Carroll as matriarch Agnes Brown -- is currently in its third series on BBC1.

Station controller Danny Cohen said: "I'm absolutely delighted to confirm that Mrs Brown's Boys will be spending Christmas 2013 on the channel with two special episodes."

Brendan added: "It's a great privilege to be invited into people's homes at such a magical time of year."