Saturday 16 December 2017

Nuala nets new love after on-air quest to find her Mr Right

It appears Nuala Carey's search for love has come to an end, as she is reported to have a certain someone in her life.

Over the past couple of months it was raining men for the RTE weathergirl as she went on a quest for 'the one'.

And according to friend Ciara Carroll, who took part in the challenge with her, Nuala's search is over. Ciara revealed that Nuala is now doing a line with a man she had previously mentioned on the airwaves.

Nuala and former Den presenter Ciara Carroll had called in the assistance of Brenda Donohoe on Derek Mooney's RTE One radio show to help them catch the man of their dreams. And this week listeners were delighted to hear that Nuala was off the market, though Ciara was still happily dating.

While Ciara revealed that Nuala's new man was someone that she had dated early on in the challenge and all seems to be going well, Nuala won't be divulging any further details.

Back in February, the weather forecaster had hinted that there was potentially someone that she was interested in.

"He's working in Dubai at the moment but he'll be coming back to Dublin next month," she told the Diary. "We've kept in touch and we're definitely going to meet up so hopefully it might work out," she added.

"He knows I'm doing the challenge... I think he's amused more than anything."

Now, reports suggest that the searching has been put on hold for the time being.

"Nuala is going out with someone at the moment," said the source -- Nuala, however, did not wish to discuss the relationship.

"She does not wish to talk about it now," said an RTE spokesperson. "That's all there is to say on the matter."

Listeners of Derek Mooney's RTE One show had become hooked on the challenge which saw Nuala and Ciara go on a high-profile campaign of speed dating and blind-date ventures. Brenda also sent them to singles tennis lessons, hillwalking and wine tasting, but to no immediate success.

"I've met some lovely guys but unfortunately no one who I've sparked with, so I guess I'll have to keep looking," Nuala said at the time.

"I would say our experience is typical of people all over the country," said Nuala.

"There is no shame in being single," she said, "but it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet the man of our dreams.

"Parents are wondering why their attractive, talented, interesting daughters aren't being snapped up," she revealed.

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