Wednesday 22 November 2017

Now I know how my hero Jamie switches off

LEINSTER hero Jamie Heaslip has revealed how he manages to stay so cool off the pitch. Jamie says that once he is off the pitch, he sticks to playing his X Box and playing with his bulldog Jay Z.

Speaking to the Diary, Jamie explained that once he finishes a days work on the pitch he has no interest in watching his own sport.

"There is never rugby on my TV at home, I have no real interest in watching it to be honest. I feel like my job is just like a nine to five, so when I come home I want to forget about work.

"I like bouncing into work every morning and being excited about it, if I was always watching rugby it could become like a chore.

"When I'm at home I just play a lot of X Box and of course I spend time with my bulldog JayZ. I always miss him when I'm on the road. He's a brilliant, fat little thing," the Blues pin-up laughed.

And it looks like Jamie's dog may be the only love of his life at the moment. When asked if he is single or taken, Jamie responded: "As usual, I am going to say 'no comment' on that one."

Meanwhile, the rugby ace admitted he has one New Year resolution he hopes to keep. "My dad was in the army and he used to say I had the mouth of a soldier because I curse so much. So I'm trying to have a nicer vocabulary."

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