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No sign of Bridezilla at Pam’s tiny bash

Pamela Flood

FORMER Miss Ireland Pamela Flood has announced that she’s getting married later this year, and described how it will be an “anti-bridezilla” wedding.

She said there would be no pandering to the usual “who made your dress” type of nonsense.

While it was undoubtedly not meant as a slight on the other Miss Ireland nuptials this weekend, those of Rosanna Davison, it did seem that Pamela was determined to distance herself from the fuss that often accompanies such things.

“It will probably be the smallest wedding ever,” insisted Pam, “with only 50 guests or so. Just family and close friends”.

But if this was meant an underhand dig at big celebrity weddings, it may have backfired somewhat. Rosanna managed to get by with just 25 guests.