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No romance for Ryan and me... we're just pals, reveals Rachel

MODEL Rachel Wallace has denied any romance being on the cards with Coronation Street hunk Ryan Thomas.

The gorgeous 22-year-old set tongues wagging when she was pictured being close with Ryan during his recent trip to Dublin.

The actor came to town to celebrate his birthday alongside fellow soap star and Celebrity Salon star Philip Olivier.

However, when asked whether any sparks were flying, Rachel told the Herald: "Oh, Jesus, no."


"I met Philip before, as I feature in an episode of Celebrity Salon which he's starring in this year, and I saw him out in Dandelion then that night, that's how I met Ryan. He's not even my type, I wouldn't be into that look -- blonds are more my thing."

Rachel is also currently in a relationship, although it will be put on pause as her man heads abroad for the remainder of the summer.

"He's away to America for the next two months. I was going to go with him but I'm too busy with work, but I will be visiting him. I'm not going to be single while he's away -- I won't be seeing anyone else," she explained.

The ICA Bootcamp girl also said she would love to get involved with Celebrity Salon herself next year. "I've been in meetings about things that people will have to watch out for but I would love to do Celeb Salon or something like Fade Street in the future. I hold my hands up to reality TV and say 'why not'?"