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Niall shaken as car crashes on icy road

NIALL Horan had a lucky escape after the car in which he was travelling skidded on ice.

Although the 19-year-old only passed his driving test recently, he was a passenger in the Range Rover which hit a crash barrier after hitting ice and tilting sideways.

Witnesses say that 19-year-old Niall was visibly shaken as he climbed from the vehicle.

Harry Styles (18), Zayn Malik (19), Liam Payne (19) and Louis Tomlinson (19) had been picked up by three vehicles at Heathrow Airport in London after their visit to Japan.

Once he was out of the car, Niall hopped into another people carrier and the car sped off.

A fan said: "They all waved as they went past, then the crash happened so suddenly. It must have been terrifying -- the car's wheels lifted off the road.

"We saw Niall climbing out. He looked shaken up but didn't seem hurt. He got into a people carrier and they drove off again."

A source close to the band said that the crash was "a shock but thankfully everyone was fine."

Niall passed his driving test earlier this year after taking an intensive 25-hour driver's course.

Last January Louis Zayn and Niall suffered whiplash when a car struck their tour bus in Birmingham.