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Niall crashes Twitter chatting in shower

POP sensation Niall Horan has become such a megastar that he has the power to crash Twitter.

The 18-year-old reportedly caused a meltdown of the social networking site yesterday when he invited his five million One Direction fans to a live webcam chat -- from his shower.

Mullingar native Niall caused such a storm online that the website temporarily froze as over an impatient 50,000 1D supporters scrambled to talk to him.

"Guys...I'm just gona (sic) get a quick shower..then I'm gona (sic) do a twitcam to update you guys on what's going on," Niall posted yesterday afternoon.

As a result, many of the star's enthusiastic fans tried to log in to see the teen heartthrob but had trouble loading the page and not long afterward, the system shut down.

However, a spokeswoman has insisted that the X Factor graduate's Twitcam chat was not linked to a separate glitch.

Niall later tweeted his apologies about the outage.

"Sorry about the twitcam! I just wanted to let you know what's been happening," before adding:

"Love you all so much. [We've] been in the studio lately. We're back with more music in the next couple of months -- get ready."

The singer took to the golf course this week with band mate Harry Styles.