Saturday 18 November 2017

New Xpose job is tough on our marriage, but we still go surfin'

HECTIC: 'It's hard stepping into Aisling's shoes, but my husband knows this is my passion'

TV3 star Kirsteen O'Sullivan says she's lucky to have a husband who is supportive of her hectic television career.

As the newest addition to the Xpose team, Kirsteen has started working long, unscheduled hours and attending star-studded events that constantly take her away from her solicitor husband.

But the bubbly presenter says his understanding of the entertainment industry keeps their marriage strong.

The TV presenter has worked for TV3 for over 10 years, but her routine has been turned upside down since stepping in for new mum Aisling O'Loughlin on the popular daily entertainment show.


The new job means Kirsteen has to spend long hours in the studio away from husband David, who shares a home with her in Rathfarnham.

But speaking to the Herald, Kirsteen said their relationship hasn't been affected by her gruelling work schedule because they make time to share each other's passions.

She explained: "The hours can definitely make things tough but it's nice to have someone so supportive. David understands that this is my job and even though there are no set hours or routine, he knows that this is my passion.

"He is really supportive of my career but, as he doesn't work in the industry, he helps me keep everything in perspective. He lives a completely normal life and he keeps me grounded, which I love. I know many married people working in TV who are also very happy together. It's about striking a balance, I think, and being considerate of each other. We share the same passions like surfing and snow sports, so we have a huge amount of fun together and laugh a lot.


"He is the best husband I could ask for. I'll come home after a long day and he will have dinner ready for me, it's so nice. When I have the time I love just relaxing at home with him and our dog Daisy. And we try to go up to Sligo as often as we can to surf."

And the loved-up pair will be spending some quality time together next week when they jet out to Austria on a skiing trip.

"We are both such big sports fans and doing those kind of things, surfing, skiing, is my release from the job," she added.


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