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New Potter magic to be spelled out

Harry Potter fans are in for a spell of excitement today as author JK Rowling reveals how the magic will continue with new project Pottermore.

Devotees of the teen wizard have been abuzz for the past week since a teaser was discovered on the internet.

And today Rowling will announce details of exactly what Pottermore will involve.

A new book has been ruled out, and fans have long known that the story of Harry Potter was designed to be spread across just seven volumes.

The pottermore.com website -- which was located after piecing together clues -- is linked to a ticking clock, counting down the seconds until today's announcement.

The term Pottermore was first trademarked in 2009 by film company Warner Bros, which has been behind the Potter movies.

Harry Potter fansite, the-leaky-cauldron.org, has claimed to have seen a preview of Pottermore and said it was "breathtaking".

The announcement is expected at midday on a dedicated channel on YouTube.